Lasers Across the Cherry Orchards

Kindle / e-book version: 978-0-9934 073-3-8 - available late July 2016

Dr Michael J Forrest: Lasers Across the Cherry Orchards - click to buyThe task - to confirm Russian claims of temperatures of 10,000,000 degrees in the Russian Tokamak device, a prototype of the Nuclear Fusion Reactor of the future.

The unique true story of a young scientist's part in pioneering work with lasers that led to dramatic cutting edge scientific research by a British team in Moscow, at the height of the "cold war".

From Harwell, next to the famous cherry orchards, to Laboratory Number Two in Moscow, the home of Soviet nuclear weapon's development, this book describes a career enlivened by meetings with clandestine contacts and famous people. Experiences in the Army and Government Communication Headquarters, Cheltenham, and the shadowy presence of the K.G.B. contribute to an eclectic mix.

'Your book about international cooperation with the Russians on Nuclear Fusion is of great interest and I hope it attracts a wide readership.' Tony Benn

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